1. Patterns

Patterns are regularly recurring structures, which are generated from modules in predefined order and repetition. We are surrounded by patterns: music, dance, behavior, customs, textiles, wall papers ... The heart beats to a certain pattern and even the genetic code composes patterns.

Dancer: Alessandra La Bella, Jennifer Ruof

Sound material: Antje Fische

2. The Machinery

Patterns also help individuals to fit into a certain group harmonically and to make a contribution to its success. This fact makes us similar to machines. They just work, too, because power units and gear wheels follow certain patterns and in so doing keep everything moving.

Dancer: Jennifer Ruof

3. Perpetuum mobile

Human life is determined by patterns. This conclusion is pointed to the thesis, that we all are a part of a system or machinery, which consists of individuals, who function according to patterns. If one part is failing, it is replaced with another working element – a principle, which keeps a system in permanent movement.

Dancer: Silvana Lemm, Therese Madeleine Thonfors, Natalie Farkas

Glockenspiel: Eri Kassnel