Back and forth, back and forth, the shuttle takes the weft through the warp. Repeat again and again and again until you have 14 rows - now time to add an LED. Coil one leg, and then the other, and place it bulb facing up through your warp. Thread your needle with conductive thread and sew it round one LED leg, stitch round and round and round and tie it off - then repeating this exact step with the second leg.

Again, back and forth, back and forth - the weft going through the warp. Turn and weave, turn and weave, repeat, repeat, repeat. You now have 26 rows. Stop. Time to add another LED - you know the steps….

Making embodies a kind of movement - or choreography if you will. Especially with weaving. It’s on a loop, repeating again and again and again. It feels like a sort of mechanical activity, one which becomes something body-memory related. You do it without thinking - an experience of embodied cognition. You cannot describe it through words…you remember it through touch, not instructions…a creation that exists from your actions.