"When I create a video work, for the most part, I am creating videodance, (also known as screendance) - I am not documenting. I am making a dance for the camera. I choreograph a piece knowing that I will re-organize and ‘manipulate’ the material during the editing process, combining Elements such as time, space, speed and spatial composition. I incorporate the movement of the camera, as well as the composition of the frames. Even though the body in movement is the ‘seed’ and inspiration of screendance, the movement phrases also get ‘thrown’ around, the end becomes the beginning, the body gets fragmented and layers of dancers end up superimposed into different backgrounds, creating a new work, which in some cases is far from the movement material that it was based on. My decisions are based on the rhythm and composition of the the new piece, as well as on the design, contrast and the proximity to the camera. I am trying to create a visual metaphor. Using a combination of both, narrative and location. The concept of a video choreography, in my films, is based on my own lyrics texts and ideas."